Humans are the shortest and most average of the three main races, standing on average only two-thirds the height of an angel and even less on a demon. Their normal life span is shorter than their counterparts, a fact which can often make their views disregarded in heated racial debates. They are the most numerous race present on the Central Isles, possessing the greatest number of settlements. Humans fully mature at around 18-20 years of age, although they are capable of having children prior to this age. Despite the dangers that arise being caught between two racial rivals, younger pregnancies are disliked, as humans rarely end up dying in these conflicts. Mixed blood from previous angel/demon heritage is possible; more commonly in the case of angel heritage but both is feasible. Angel heritage would give traits such as lighter/golden tinged skin, bright coloured hair (blonde/light brown/light colours), pale/colourful irises and such things similar to angels. Demon heritage would be the opposite, dark coloured skin and hair, with more vivid irises.
A trait more common in human mages is altered appearances; strangely coloured irises, odd coloured hair, mana scarring and an unsettling aura. While angels/demons can also possess this, it is rarer. Humans also are all-rounders when it comes to magic, they are capable of utilising all elements but do not possess a natural affinity towards anyone element. However, a human is still capable of training to master a single element.
Humans often live in individual houses that reside in rows within Aelburn, or semi-detached and detached houses outside of the capital. Some choose to live outside the boundaries of any town, for solitude or to make use of the natural resources, either fresh water lakes or natural growing crops. The status between male and females varies greatly on where one lives, for example in Aelburn it is tilted in favour of the male but in the Western settlements it is often the opposite way around.
Those that live in the west often trade with the demons living there, mainly due to the demon's wings giving them the advantage in the swamplands, allowing them to collect items that would be considered useful. As the only fresh water is near the demon settlements, the relations between demons and humans are much more amiable there than in other locations. Those in the East still often have rather influenced views towards their neighbours.

Notable traits:
·         Averages around 5’4”
·         Natural hair colours (brown, blond, grey/silver, sometimes red)
·         Natural eye colours (brown, green, grey, blue)
·         Unmixed bloodlines usually possess pale coloured skin, on exception of those originating from the South due to its warm, sunny climate.