Crystalline Chaos

The world of Fyir is wrought with turmoil, with discrimination between the three races still causing issues. When a new threat emerges, can they set aside their differences long enough to save themselves?
"A delightful read, it was intelligent, descriptive and gripping until
the last page. It is so enigmatically written that I could perfectly
picture everything in my mind, something that usually makes me stop
reading if it's lacking. This however, lacked nothing, and I cannot wait
for the next one."

Crystalline Chaos is the first book in the Skies of Fyir series, setting the scene in the world of Fyir. It focuses on the small continent of the Central Isles; home to demons, angels and humans. Tension between the three races always exists due to a history of war and strife, a fact made worst by the inability to avoid one another due to the small Isles.

"Smouldering ground heaved putrid clouds skywards, spreading the crude smell of death across the plains, choking anything that managed to escape the unbridled wrath of the rolling storm. The sky was an abyss black, refusing the scarred land the replenishing hope of light. Faint crackling became audible in the thick air followed by a distinct hissing; moment by moment it became louder as a creature emerged from the darkness."
A new threat looms over an already tense existance, will it topple everything?
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